Endogenous Lab

We are multidisciplinary researchers & designers, developing unique, self initiated and commissioned material, process and application scenarios by embracing ecological, economical as well as cultural and social aspects.

We are currently working with cultural, industrial and research partners, mainly in Portugal and Italy. These include Amorim, the University of Porto in Portugal, LREC in the Azores, Ru.De.Ri. in Italy.

The pursuit of optimisation, profit and domination over nature led us into the age of the Anthropocene. Humans are transforming the environment today in an unprecedented way and on an immoderate scale. This has far-reaching consequences. Today, the extent of the comprehensive ecological and social crisis situation has reached a new peak worldwide and everyone is called upon to make a serious contribution to changing it.

If design is to continue to have relevance, designers must more than ever take responsibility - politically, socially, ecologically, economically and culturally.

A holistic and sensitive approach of the needs of nature, society, culture and people in relation to design, especially the entire life cycle of products, is becoming indispensable.

We design with empathy, embracing nature and technology.

We are inspired by the intrinsic connection between nature and human beings. A complex relationship of proximity, protection, admiration and mutual feeding. But also of brutality, devastation and distancing.

Our main source of inspiration are raw materials and the energies at work behind their formation, the power of nature and its transformation processes. The team behind ENDOGENOUS LAB investigates on how the intrinsic power of nature can influence design.


We truly believe in the power of creation.

For us design is an emotional and a strong platform to confront people with new materials and alternative technologies for future practices in relevant environmental themes. Like this we hope to encourage people not only to consume but to use products consciously.


We are challenging the need for viable scenarios.

We are ambitious in changing constant by creating responsible and impactful design strategies and processes with both, a holistic material - process - application design practice as well as a local approach to our ecosystem.

Challenging the boundaries between art, design and technology through an experimental practice we create meaningful concepts that are based on an indepth scientific research and always open for multidisciplinary collaborations in an iterative process.
In a period of climate change as well as production and consumption acceleration, we see the importance of investigating site-specific aspects and envisioning scenarios that reinforce a dynamical network between local parties of potentially small scale economic systems.

Sustainability is complex and the role of designer changed a lot in last decade. The Endogenous Lab takes the challenge to develop a holistic approach to moderate design developments.
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