Nonwovens made from synthetic textile dust and recycled binder fibres


Partner: STFI Chemnitz

From Dust is a collection of material demonstrators made from recycled nonwovens.

For this, synthetic fibre dust, a by-product of textile tearing processes, is processed together with recycled bonding fibres in a low-energy process.

Endogenous Lab developed potential uses for visible applications from residual materials and follows the maxim of not taking new material from natural cycles, but rather upgrading residual materials and preventing waste production.

Raw Materials:
Synthetic textile dust

Textile dust is produced in many process stages of the textile chain, is extremely short-fibred and not homogeneous. This has so far made it impossible to use it as a material. Although the quantities of dust are not of the same order of magnitude as, for example, edge trimmings or yarn remnants, they still occur in relevant quantities in medium-sized and large companies, so that industrial, material reuse makes sense. In addition, the dust has exciting aesthetic qualities due to the mix of materials and colours.
Today, dust is regularly fed into thermal recycling processes to generate energy. However, the calorific value of the dust is marginal. This energy recovery does not seem adequate.

Raw Material:
rPET fibres

Germany produced 6.28 million tonnes of
tonnes of PET waste. (Source: Federal Environment Agency, Plastic waste generation). 37.7% is processed into new PET bottles, 28.6% goes to the film industry, 20.4% is reprocessed in the textile fibre industry. 13.2% other applications. (Source GVM 2020)

rPET can be reprocessed into continuous yarns or cut into rPET fibres of any length. The fibres have excellent properties in nonwoven properties in nonwoven materials - it is durable, serves as an 'adhesive' for other fibres', is acoustically effective and recyclable.

Airlaid Process

Airlaid is a low-energy process and is especially
particularly suitable for the production of nonwovens from fibres that cannot be processed in any other process. The fibres are mixed by means of air and
and processed into a nonwoven under the influence of heat.

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